Southern Brooklyn Flips it Blue at the Midterms!

Last night was a good night for Democrats in New York and especially here in Bay Ridge. Our districts have turned over a new leaf, one that will be led by our home team - Andrew Gounardes, Max Rose & Mathylde Frontus! We flipped the House! We dominated the NYS Senate! We solidified control of the NYS Assembly!

Nationwide turnout blew the doors off previous midterm elections and Southern Brooklyn was no exception, with approximately 50% voter participation. More and more elections are being decided on the slimmest of margins and we’ve seen that here, as well. Which means that, truly, every vote counted.

We couldn’t be prouder of our club members for giving their all to support our endorsed candidates. No stone was left unturned and records for volunteer participation were shattered. Our engagement, along with the collaboration of countless other community groups, activists, political clubs, and issue-based organizations built out a ground game that flipped New York City’s last red entrenchment blue.

We kept the promise we made to ourselves in November 2016 and our political landscape is the better for it. Thanks to every person who knocked a door, made a call, convinced a friend or loved one, helped get out the vote, worked a poll site! Onward!

Gounardes rally2.jpg